Differencen between turret &capastan lathe?

The modern name for a capstan lathe used in industry is a ram-style turret lathe. A capstan lathe is a production electrical device that combines the features of the basic lathe along with a capstan style tailstock. This tailstock have a short slide upon which sits the hexagonal capstan head and a set of depth stops, one for each turret obverse. The main body is fixed to the bed in the required position and adjectives longitudinal movement is via the short slide. The stroke of the capstan is short but the sequence can be rapid as the tooling indexes automatically at the end of the stroke. This indexing and movement is perform by turning a large levered handwheel as required. This type of Lathe is wonderful to perform multiple matching operation with high meticulousness and superior surface finish. Modern capstan lathes are referred to as ram-style turret lathes. They have a short spindle-to-turret distance, usually in the collection of twenty to thirty inches. It is rare to find a capstan lathe with a front screw or a taper attachment, as lead screw threading is usually far too slow for production. A die head is used instead.

A turret lathe is a production contraption that to all appearances is the same as the capstan, however the turret slides directly on the bed a bit than being fixed. Some turret Movement of the turret can therefore be anywhere along the bed.Because of this factor, saddle-type turret lathes are far longer than the ram-type turret lathe(Capastan Lathe). It is common to find saddle lathes longer than 200" for sale. Oil country and hollow spindle lathes are habitually of the saddle turret type.The main advantage associated next to this type of lathe is that different machining operations such as drilling, reaming, boring etc., can be performed contained by a single tool setting by using different tools in a hexagonal turret. This considerably reduces tool setting time.

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