How to be paid a great body minus much excercise and no machinery?

Walk, run, run. . .keep your belly muscles "engaged" (not stressed). sit up straight. Do crunches, leg lifts, pushups. Do while watching tv.
Good luck with that.

To enjoy a SLIM body, you really only need to munch through a lot healthier, and lower your calorie intake. But sometimes even consequently you need to exercise at least a bit (30 minutes a day, at least 3 days a week.)

If you want to hold a TONED body (which is my definition of a "great body") you need to cut back on calories, and exercise deeply more! Strength training is a great way to tone up as well.

But zilch comes without a price- if you really want a "great body" that much, you're going to need to be faithful and work hard at it.

That's all depend on the foof that you eat. so for details please email me hindmost.
You can make a great body
by have a sound diet and it is obvious to own exercise you can have workout at gym and have a fitness trainer who will guide you. Source(s):
Ha ha here's the thing - you don't necessitate no machinery what so ever to get a great body.
But yeah you're gonna need the exercise, i don't come from the sky.
find something that's fun to do, don't own to be some boring repetitive thing.
surfing, swimming, running after the cat, whatever
no miracles though, what u put within is what u get out
Sounds similar to "In need of babies without have sex !!"......loooolllllll
you can def. have a great body without machinery, but you will obligation to excercise. Period. And any diet or pill that promises otherwise is a scam.

There are certain excercises that get the living done faster and with 'less' effort.
Try an eliptical domestic device and pilates; those are my personal faves for toning and dropping fat quickly.

Next, if fleshy is an issue, restrict your current caloric intake by atleast 500 calories.

Finally, you need to workout at least 3-4 times weekly for 30-45 mins of CARDIO (that's intense excercise, examples: jog, eliptical, jump-rope, etc.)
On alternate days you should tone your muscles, this can be done with weights, aerobics, pialtes, yoga, etc.

Good Luck! :)
U need excercise and a healtrhy diet to look good...sorry no discomfort no gain!

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