NOISE REDUCTION. I am looking for a local company that provides nouns proofing ideals for loud mfg machinery?

I am looking for a lower cost alternative to soundproof manfacturing vibration chambers/shakers and venting sytems. Right in a minute the consideration is to enclose the space by building walls/ceilings. I would prefer a consultant who could recommend lower cost soundproof enclosures, blankets, etc. We stipulation to lower the noise by 20 db. Does anyone assist with identify a consultant company in Seattle who may do such work?
Acoustics/Sound Proofing Materials - ENVIROTECH GENSETS PVT. LTD ...Exporter & Manufacturer - Acoustics/Sound Proofing Materials based within Noida, India. ... noise control measures at the design / manufacturing stage itself to some extent ... Broadcasting Industrial testing Quiet loud machinery Industrial Projects .... Sound Testing Chamber is required for engineering precision grade nouns ...… - Cached - Similar -

ArtUSA Industries -- Modular ConstructionSound-proofing is our passion. We design, fabricate and install acoustical panels, ... within the design and manufacturing of machine enclosure for over 25 years. ... Minimize the costs of an architect or engineer, because our modular ... place to work - especially in plants next to loud machinery or forklift traffic. ...… - Cached - Similar -

Industrial Noise Control by ArtUSA Industries --Sound-proofing is our passion. We design, fabricate and install ... ArtUSA Industrial & Manufacturing Noise and Sound Control Industrial Noise Control ... Studies show that exposure to loud noise cause stress and fatigue that can lead to ... Enclosures and machinery enclosures are a exceptionally common treatment for ...… - Cached - Similar -
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